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My name is Michael Whinery and I am the owner and operator of Aperture Promotion. I have had the pleasure of calling Chattanooga my home for seven years and am looking forward to continue to establish myself as one of the areas most competent and respected media professionals.

My educational background includes a bachelors degree in marketing, and my passion for creating exceptional media and online content has created a unique set of skills that is now available for your benefit. 

I had the opportunity to live in New York City. While there, I worked for Bentley Meeker as a camera op. That was enough to light the fire and passion to use the audio visual medium to help people make an impression. I have worked diligently to acquire the skills needed to provide service in photography, videography and web development.



My competence in these areas allows me to offer services across a wide spectrum. My intention is to create an online presence that makes a quality first impression. Because of how important the internet has become in people's lives and the pursuit of information of businesses they intend to work with, it is imperative that your online persona is a good one. Most of the time, a companies online content is the only chance they have to make a first impression, so let make sure it is a memorable one. 


I accomplish this by increasing your visual presence on the web with high quality photos and video. This is the medium that people are most comfortable digesting their online content. With aesthetically pleasing and informative pictures and videos, you can take one step closer to tipping the scales in your favor and making them interested in doing business with you. 


Another exciting aspect of the internet is that it is an even playing field. Regardless of the scope of your operation, you can have an impressive online persona that will rival much larger companies. If your website and other online content is out of date or lacking any impressive qualities, consumers take that as an indication of the quality of your business, regardless of how exceptional your product or service might be. 


When working on a project, I am always asking myself, " will this help my client make money". That is my purpose, to help you generate more business and have a profoundly positive impact on prospective and current clients. A strong website and professional media content gives you credibility. In addition to the quality of the content, I always have an eye for the aesthetic. A great website is a combination of informative and impactful content and an appearance that is user-friendly and aesthetically impressive. That is where the exceptional quality of the photos and video that I create comes into play.


As a photographer and videographer, I will work with you to generate content that highlights your business and your qualifications. From material the showcases your infrastructure, to interview style videos where you can actually communicate your intentions and competence to breathtaking promotional content, everything I create for you will look stunning and make a lasting impression.

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